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    Hi, Mike.

    About the cold approach sale technique you teach on the “Make $300 In Beat Sales Without Spending A Dollar”.
    I’ve gathered a ton of emails by now and I own an AWeber account.
    Would you think it would be alright to at least kickstart the conversation with the list via autoresponder? Would it sound less natural, since it has that mandatory address on the bottom?

    I tought about using the AWeber tags to customise the name,source which the email has been collected and style the artist desire, so it would sound more like a direct message.

    Thanks in advance.

    Mike Lightner
    Mike Lightner

    Hey, I only like to use autoresponders when someone actually types in there email into an email list sign up form.

    I think autoresponders are always going to be less natural because you can’t really customize each one for each recipient. (You can customize them a bit using the variables, but only so much).

    I prefer to use the autoresponders when I am dealing with large numbers of people signing up to an email opt in, this allows me to get my message to them over the course of several emails, and they can unsubscribe at anytime that they wish.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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