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    Hey Mike,

    I have some ideas for prizes for your contests.

    1. A “beat spot” on your website’s beat player for the winner of your “best beats contest”. You could sell the winning beat on This could be a 1st or 2nd place prize. You could have a “leaderboards” type thing where you post the producers that have won the most contests or placed the most.

    Let’s say a producer places in the top 5 for your contests 3 months in a row but doesn’t quite win, you could give them some sort of prize for being consistent, maybe free coaching/beat advice or whatever.

    Or you could give points to every placing they get and after 3 or 6 months you could give a prize to whoever has the most points. For example, every 1st place win is 10 points, every second place win is 5 points, every third place win is 3 points etc. This would encourage long term memberships.

    2. New drum kits. The free drum kits you offer are nice but I think everyone would love the new stuff that just came out.

    3. VST’s. I’m not sure how this would work but if done right this would be awesome!

    4. Social Media Blasts. I think you already have this covered but I’m putting here just in case.

    5. Website promotion. You could promote other people’s websites for a limited time on

    6. Email Marketing promotion. You could promote producers through your email lists. The winner could be blasted once a week for a month to your list.

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    Mike Lightner
    Mike Lightner


    These are all awesome ideas, thank you so much for the input.

    I really like the idea of having consistent producer contests and points being awards for top 5 or 10 places. I would ideally have a programmer make a whole custom made contest section that would keep track of all these points and leaderboards, but for the meantime I don’t see any reason that I couldn’t just do it manually.

    Also, thanks for the input about better drum kits, I agree that would be cool to be updated all the time with new drum kits and sounds.

    Thanks again,



    Hey Mike,

    A programmed leader board that auto updates would be dope!

    I think this type of feature would help with long term member retention.

    I was also thinking since we’re talking about long term membership retention, for members who’ve stayed with this website for at-least 6 months should automatically get some sort of reward. Something easy and little to no cost to you, maybe facebook/twitter shout outs for a week or something like that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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