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    James Grissom

    Hey guys it’s the lokkz music here. I have been running my site for about a month and a half and I have only made 1 sale. I get about 5 visitors a day even though I am posting all day on twitter and Facebook. Can you do me a big favor and give me some feedback on my website and my beats and give me some ideas on why I am not getting traffic and sales. I look forward to hearing all of your ideas. Here is the link to my website.

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    Jared White
    Jared White

    Hey James!

    First off your beats are really good. Dig the unique style each one I heard has. Also your vocal tags are creative and easy on the ears. In my opinion it’s definitely not the music effecting your sales

    I can’t say much to your website’s design because mine looks like early 2005 ( – but from a first impression here are some suggestions”

    -Right off the bat I noticed there are a lot of words over images, and the words take a little bit of effort to read. Maybe consider cleaning up your graphics, and make them simpler and easier to read.

    -I also always try to make sure my product is right near the top of the page (instead of a big brand image)

    -That “buy quality beats” slide is also very hard to read.

    – I’m a broken record but after making my beat-selling website my project in a marketing class I took, I got roasted about having too many words. – people are lazy and i think lots of wording can actually deter people and distract them from the actual music.

    -That being said, maybe take out the descriptions under the “high quality beats” “instant delivery” and “budget friendly” graphics and headers – those look nice. but the words underneath are a lot. If you don’t want to take them out, maybe make them an even lighter grey.

    To sum it up, your music is really great, and could probably be selling itself. Try making that the first thing your visitors see.

    Apologies for the long response, i’m about to keep going.

    As for the traffic, 1% conversion rate is pretty normal, so 5 visitors a day obviously won’t cut it. My website design isn’t great, but it’s simple. I drive about 100 visitors a day and with an average of $1000-$1200 revenue (not profit) a month:

    -Youtube traffic
    Time consuming, but I believe the return here WILL BE long term. not seeing much yet

    This one is pretty big for me. I’ve been building my audience for about 3 years, and the activity is always increasing. I have a button on every song so they can sign up for 50 free tagged beats

    -Google Pay Per click
    I have a budget of $5 a day. BUT it is targeted towards keywords that include the word “Buy”, and the offer is 50 Free Tagged Beats for signing up. SO, i’m building my email list, but not always seeing sales right away. Email lists are important for me though… on labor day i made $600 in one day through sending a mass email for my email list of 5000 people. I’ve been building my email list for 2 years with google pay per click, and soundcloud.

    Anyway, sorry for the long response. Hope it helps. If you don’t mind, please check out my site ( and give me your first impression from a customer perspective on what you think.

    Thanks man!


    James Grissom

    Dude that is some awesome feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time to go over my company and give me some advice. I definitely agree on too much wording and my music being the first thing they see. I am just confused on how to make it look good like that. I don’t want to take people away from my vision and personality as well so I need to find a balance. I can make better decisions once I can get more people to actually go to my site. Do you just use those 3 techniques to get traffic? I mainly just post on twitter but barely anyone goes to my links. I am learning SEO but I am still not ranking for the phrase I want to rank for. Honestly I just want to make music with people and of course sell beats on my site so I really don’t care too much for making blog posts and doing the extra stuff. So SEO to me would be my best bet because it would target people wanting to make purchases and target people who just want to make music. I mention blog posts because it seems like you have to release great content other than music to get people to share stuff on social media. I will definitely make some changes to my site and get back with you to check it out again. As far as your website, I love the simplicity of it and would love to make mine similar to yours but not too much. Its very easy on the eyes and to the point. However it does look a little outdated and could use a touch up. It would be easy for someone to think this is some kind of spam site. Then again I cant really say much due to my lack of experience with web design and marketing. Maybe add a smooth design on the outside of the website to fill it some more. Something very transparent. Once again I really appreciate the feedback and I will be making some changes ASAP! Your beats sound great by the way. Keep striving!

    Jared White
    Jared White

    Coo, thanks for the feedback. one of these days I’ll revamp mine for sure!

    And I get what you’re saying about incorporating your personality into your page. I see that the logo at the top includes probably artists and music that inspire you (respect btw, i’m mostly inspired by music that isn’t rap also haha). Maybe try to incorporate that image into the background, or split the image and use it to fill the sides of the page.Just an idea

    And yes, I mainly focus on those three outlets… probably should expand my focus but it is hard to find the time. I also try to post to my facebook regularly to stay in touch with my audience, but let focus and time goes there.

    Anyway, feel free to let me know when you change your site around, i’ll like to check it out. I’ll do the same!


    chavez montana

    Hi, I go by the name of Chavez_Montana, I would like for you guys to check out my music and website at . I just designed it this week. Now I am on the grind to getting traffic and customers! #MontanaMadeIt

    Mike Lightner
    Mike Lightner

    Hey Chavez,

    Please start your own new thread or topic when asking for feedback on your music and website. We will be glad to help give you some advice.

    Also make sure to give your personal feedback on other producers, this will directly result in more people helping you out.

    Thank you,


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