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    James Grissom

    I am curious to the steps I should take to marketing on twitter. When scheduling tweets on hoot suite. I’ve been doing 1 every 30 minutes usually from 8am to 9pm. On average I get 30 impressions and barely any engagement. So it’s making me feel like its a waste of time. My tweets are a mix of advertisements for my beats, and positive and motivational tweets. I try to add images as much as possible. What would be a more valuable way to spend my time on twitter? Should I make automated tweets just for advertisements and the personal tweets I do on my own time. Like maybe schedule 12 ad tweets from 8 to 8 everyday and then just do other tweets when I get the time and spend the other time contacting artists and interacting? What are your thoughts on auto DM when people follow me. Check out my twitter if you can and read my tweets and give me some feedback on what I should change and what I should do more of.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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