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    Hey Mike,

    I’d like to request a video about Youtube content ID.

    I want to know how to go about implementing this into my beat selling business. I just finished copyrighting my first 10 beats with

    I came across this sign up form for youtube content id here:

    As you can see, a bunch of questions pop up that I just don’t know the answers to. I’m hoping you can help me and others with this.

    I thought about filling out the form as best I can, but I don’t wanna do it wrong. I will if I have to just to see what happens but I’d rather hear what you have to say about it first.

    Thank you!

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    Mike Lightner
    Mike Lightner


    This is a great topic and I have been trying to do as much research as I can on it before I post a full video dedicated to the ins and outs of content ID. (And more specifically how producers can implement it into their beat selling business)

    I know that there are a few different ways to go about it.

    You can submit your beats to AdRev or BeatStars and they will collect all your YouTube earnings from other people using your beats and monetizing their videos, however they take something like 20-30% commission from your content ID earnings. They then pay you out monthly or quarterly. This is what a lot of producers are doing already. Just remember, when you collect money from artists using your beats, they may be confused and be under the impression that they can make money from their youtube videos with your beats.

    I also think that if you have a big enough business or youtube channel then you can go directly through youtube to use content ID. But I have also heard of a bunch of people being turned down when they apply using the link that you mentioned.

    I think that this is still something new and people are figuring it out, I will try to make a complete video about it soon and help clarify what it the best way to go about everything.



    Thanks for answering Mike!

    I actually tried applying and I got rejected because I didn’t have a big enough body of work which is understandable.

    I tried asking if they would do something like t his since I would prefer to go through them but they said only if it’s a popular idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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