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    Robert Riker

    I notice that JeeJuhTV on YouTube uses photos of celebrities in their beat videos. I would like to do the same, but I concerned about:

    a) copyright infringement – the person who took the photo has the copyright to the photo.
    b) violation of the celebrity’s rights of publicity – a celebrity has the right to control how their likeness will be used in a public setting.

    Can you can buy stock photos that are “pre-cleared” or something? Or is this just a risk Jee Juh is willing to take?

    Mike Lightner
    Mike Lightner

    Hey Robert, great question! Ideally we would not use any copyrighted content at all on our youtube channel, ideally all of our content would be 100% original. This will most likely happen in the near future, it is not really a great strategy if everyone is doing the exact same thing (using the same artist images). However with that being said… using images of famous artists turns out to be one of the best ways to categorize our music. It makes it easier for our viewers to find the beats that they like. Since our videos do not harm the original creator of the copyrighted images, I am not worried about legal trouble. If the copyright owner asks me to take down an image I would do so without hesitation.

    There are a few different ways where it is perfectly OK to use copyrighted works, you may want to read up on this:

    There is always going to be some risk involved with these things, you try to do the best you can with minimizing the risk. Just to be clear I am not a lawyer, and I do not like to give out legal advice, if you have any serious questions I would consult a legal professional.

    Hope this helps,




    I noticed alot of producers use copyrighted images on their website, YouTube channel etc.
    I personally think, you should NEVER use those kind of images on your OWN WEBSITE since you can get sued for doing so, especially if it’s a commercial website.

    Doing this on YouTube on the other hand isn’t that dangerous, in my opinion. The worst thing that can really happen is your video being deleted (though unlikely), or if you’re really really unlucky, your channel. – But it’s very very unlikely to get sued over it.
    The clever way do it, is making videos only with original content, but using artist images as thumbnail images. Thumbnails can be switched out, if somebody would ever complain, without having to delete or re-upload the video (and therefore losing views, etc.).

    Same as Mike, I’m not a lawyer, this post is just my opinion, no legal advice.


    Robert Riker

    Mike and Phil, both of your responses were clear and helpful. Thank you guys for responding to my question.

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