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    Karan Nagpal

    Hi mike,

    Just a simple question. What is actually JEEJUH? I have seen your website that it has your’s and many other producers beats too. Is it a beat store? You promote there beats? Why there beats are on your website? Just curious to know. Because i just signed up your membership and i was curious/ afraid (well not that kinda scared) will my beats be on your website too. (i don’t want actually)

    I will be waiting for your respond.

    Mike Lightner
    Mike Lightner

    Hey Karan, Jee Juh is a beat selling website that we started about 11 years ago to sell our beats online, we have since added other producers to the site and sell/market their beats along with our own. This site that you are on right now is a totally different site that I use to help teach upcoming producers how to market themselves online, your beats will not be added anywhere, this site is mostly just for tutorials and learning.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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