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    Karan Nagpal

    Hey mike i was watching email marketing video. Amazing video. I always wonder how do i get email, well you helped me. The thing keep moving in my mind is that after i send email or DM, When i get reply i get really nervous and don’t understand what to reply to them. Its like a tension that i got a customer who whats to use my beat but if i talk to them i don’t scare them away. For Example : I contacted this person on twitter. He posted he need some beats. I texted him personally, I said i have listened to your tracks I was interested for collaboration. He wanted to listen my beats and i gave him my sound cloud link and then he asked are “you paying me?”. What i was suppose to answer that. What ill you do in that kind of similar situation or what should i have done? Any advice to control this nervousness or what to reply??


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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