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    This is kind of in response to the video “Developing a Solid Marketing Strategy”, where Mike gives an example of a marketing strategy where one spends 6 hours a day pursuing unpaid traffic and $50 a day on paid traffic.

    What if someone doesn’t have that much time or money to spend? For example, I could afford to spend $5 a day and about 7 hours/day on my 2 days off and maybe 2 hours on the days I work.

    I know it’s important to be willing to put the time and work in, but the reality for a lot of people is that they work a day job (often a pretty shitty one that doesn’t allow them to save much) and they have a limited amount of time and money to make a start with.

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Peace!

    Mike Lightner
    Mike Lightner

    Hey Brendan, I 100% understand what you are saying.

    I know that a lot of people do not have the time/resources to spend on the marketing. However, I think that the key is to just be consistent with whatever you can give (even if it comes out to $5/day or around 20 hours per week). 20ish hours a week of focused effort on marketing is actually quite a lot in my opinion and if you keep that up and don’t get distracted you will make progress.

    The consistent effort will pay off over time, once you start making money from your music you can slowly transition to increasing your daily budget and hours of work.

    $5 a day on paid sources is not going to get you a lot of traffic with most paid platforms, but one of the cool things is it narrows down your options (you will NOT be able to do any big $1000 banner purchases on popular websites or pay for things like $100 soundclick promos), which means you can focus more on specific sources such as twitter, facebook, youtube, or instagram. These platforms allow you to get into the game and set your budget, they do not have a minimum daily spend.

    Every marketing platform has a learning curve so I would start with a $5 per day budget on just one of them and learn for a couple weeks/months before branching out, something like twitter or facebook and start learning the ropes. You will quickly learn how to write ads, who to target, how to waste your money, how to NOT waste money, how much it really costs to get new followers/views/traffic, and basically how to get your message out to new people.

    Just remember, do not expect to see much at first, do not expect to see a bunch of sales coming in, lower your expectations and really focus on the learning part of it… at first this is not going to be all about ROI, its about making connections.

    With 20sih hours per week, you can do quite a lot. I would make sure to firstly upload your beats to all the big platforms where music can be shared and commented on. This is free and will give you good feedback on your product and also opportunities to go viral and be found. I would then spend the rest of your time on:

    1) Creating great content for your website and social media. (using hashtags, keywords, etc.) Visual/text content is really what will get you found and shared a lot of the time, not just your music. (Many people use memes and such to get shared, I wouldn’t recommend being one of those guys, but still the concept is to use all your tools to get found).

    2) Manual outreach: just hitting up people and building relationships (Either people looking to buy beats or other producers to cross promote with), collaborating on beats, basically emailing and calling people. You can use this to cross promote and share audiences, or to find your next customer.

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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