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    Christopher Summers


    So basically I am trying to think of the best keywords in the “interest” section and how to target down the ad (i.e. location, gender etc) on my facebook ads. I want to do an instagram exclusive sale where people will get 40% off on my beats by using a coupon code. Any suggestions? I make R&B beats.


    Christopher Summers

    Furthermore I was curious to know

    – how much should you put behind a Facebook ad to see results?

    – what are some good ways to target the ad/keywords (location, interests etc)

    – is video more effective than photo?

    – should it be strictly mobile advertising or is desktop still effective?

    – any certain time/day to run the ad?

    Mike Lightner
    Mike Lightner


    I have spent over $20,000 on Facebook Ads in the past couple years, I have some experience on what works and learned somethings that don’t work. This is not always going to be the same for everyone (so make sure to test everything yourself) but, from my experience the best group to target for r&b/rap/hip hop beats is the following:

    United states/Canada
    English speaking

    If you want to get more specific on Facebook then you can also put in some specific interests for your product/service to get more targeted visitors such as ‘r&b’, ‘rapping’, ‘hip-hip’, etc.

    If you want to get even more specific, you can also take some of your customers and look up their email address or names on Facebook, check out their profile pages and take note of their ‘interests’. Look for the 1-2 similar likes across a few of your customers. That’s a very easy way to figure out who you can target for your product.

    The amount that you spend to be effective on Facebook and to see results depends on your goals… For instance, reaching people, getting views and getting pages ‘likes’ is always much easier and cheaper than getting clicks to your website. However if you want to get people buying your beats then you mostly want to be paying for clicks.

    You should be looking to get clicks to your website for somewhere between 20-75 cents.

    I have been able to get page ‘likes’ for as little as 1-2 cents, however these people do not usually purchase beats, just increase the social media numbers.

    The bigger your budget, the faster you are going to get data and can make appropriate changes, I would recommend starting with something like $5-$25 per day. Once you see a good ROI then you can boost the numbers up. Be patient, don’t expect your first Advertisement to be a winner.

    Using a good photo and a good text call to action is going to work the best. Make sure to try out some different photos and see what one gets the best click through rate.

    Only target mobile if your website is very mobile optimized. Mobile might be cheaper clicks but usually desktop will convert better.

    I wouldn’t worry about the time of day to run the ad.

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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