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About Me

My name is Mike Lightner and I am the creator of Sell Beats Like A Pro. I have 15 years of experience in music production, website development, sales, and marketing. In 2010 I authored the popular ebook, How To Sell Beats Online Like A Pro. This ebook course has helped many producers sell beats, get more traffic, and transition into selling beats full time.

I cofounded Jee Juh in 2006, uploaded a total of 413 of my beats online. I have taken everything I learned and recorded over 110 tutorial videos made specifically for other upcoming producers on exactly how to sell your beats and market beats using strategies that actually work.

So what exactly is Sell Beats Like A Pro? Sell Beats Like A Pro is is a private membership site for producers and beatmakers, when you join you will have access to all my new marketing/tutorial videos and also access to private discussion forums to help you grow your business.

I just hit my 10 year anniversary of selling beats online and wanted to do a special promo on my coaching services for producers. This special offer is a lifetime VIP membership to Sell Beats Like A Pro, just pay once and have access to all new videos for life. I am also doing 1on1 Skype coaching calls for any producer who wants private advice or help. This special offer will only last until June 7th, get started by choosing from the 2 options above.

This information could be worth thousands for your business for years to come, its going to be hard to find a better investment for your money.

Mike Lightner

What Other Producers Are Saying

NY Bangers

"I already had a Soundclick page that was generating me some side income, but by directly following Mike's blueprint, I was able to take my business to the next level and eventually leave my day job!"

Pusher Productions

"Hi Mike, I just wanted to thank you for dropping such valuable knowledge on me about SEO & getting traffic sources to my beat website! Since I bought your coaching, my Google ranking, email list sign ups, & beat sales have all INCREASED DRAMATICALLY!"

Don P

"I have met Mike a few years ago and I immediately noticed his humbleness and professionalism. After working with him for a few years now, he's still the same person and has helped me a lot growing my hobby into a full-time business."

Vic Jones

"I have been applying a lot of the advice given in the videos and have seen a growth in my website's traffic and my sales in a short period of time. This is must have information for any online producer, if you don't join you are only cheating yourself."

Digital Beatz

"Thanks Mike. Thanks to your teachings we grossed $100,000 in beat sales in 2014! Thank you again for the information."

Anno Domini Beats

"Mike is one of the pioneers of online beat-selling and is a highly knowledgeable producer and business man. He always surprises me with his insight and I've learnt plenty from him."

Wasim Khamlichi

"We partnered with Mike because we wanted to provide an unparalleled service to our members to educate producers in the craft of selling beats online. There's no other course like Mike's "Sell Beats Like A Pro" so we knew this is something special that producers from all over the world can benefit from and grow their business. Mike is a true veteran in the beat selling business and has been the perfect partner with nothing but positive feedback from every producer we've signed up to his service. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Mike."

Drops One

"Hello Mike, Just wanted to thank you for bringing this information out to the rest of the Beat Selling Community. I have learned so much GAME from all of this that my beat sales increased after applying what I learned. Best investment I've made so far I can honestly say! Thanks again Mike."

Daniel Hartnett

"I got the chance to speak to Mike Lightner he's a really cool person and answered my questions that I had about what he was doing and how he got this far to a profitable business. My website today is only 1 year old and I have jumped up through the rankings on Google using his methods. I have really learned a lot from the information that Mike has supplied in his Sell Beats Like A Pro courses."

Some of the Features

Mindset: Fundamentals of Success

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls, formulate specific goals, and what it really takes to be successful selling beats online.

Creating High Quality Beats

How to use the highest quality hardware, software, sounds, and samples to make the right types of beats that sell.

Website & Brand Development

Get the simple blueprint for your own professional website and social media pages to showcase your beats and grow your brand.

General Marketing & Promotion 

Understand the differences between free, paid, and viral marketing strategies and how to implement them into your business.

SoundClick Marketing

I will teach you everything you need to know about how to rank high in the SoundClick charts and how to make a VIP profile that sells on autopilot.

YouTube Marketing

Master the new strategies that online producers are using to drives loads free of traffic to their YouTube videos.

Facebook Marketing

The secret to posting engaging content and also how to use Facebook advertising to gain a large fan base for cheap.

Twitter Marketing

Learn how to build a huge follower count and how to consistently find the right types of clients and customers through Twitter.

Email Marketing

How email marketing really works, how to build a large email list of potential beat buyers, and why the money really is in the list.

Search Engine Optimization

How to get tons of free traffic to your website from Google, Bing, and other search engines without spending all your time writing content and building links.

Selling Beats & Returning Customers

Learn how to convert your visitors into buyers and how to keep your customers coming back to your site to purchase more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you recieve when you become a VIP member?

You will get instant access to all video tutorials, over 110 and counting. You will have your own username/password to login to your account and also get access to producer contests and private producer discussion forums. You will be able to log in at anytime and check for new updated tutorial videos, information, and contests.

What if you already have an active VIP membership?

Your monthly payments will be cancelled and you will only pay one-time for a lifetime membership and unlimited access. You can still keep the same username and password as before.

Who is this information and training for?

This is for any music producer or beat maker who is looking to make more money. Whether you have no experience at all or already sell beats online, this information will teach you how to brand yourself, get started selling beats, get more traffic, and increase beat sales. The goal of this program is to help music producers quit their 9-to-5 and make a full time living from making beats.

Are there any extra fees or reoccurring payments?

No, this offer is a lifetime membership to the entire Sell Beats Like A Pro site, you will have access to all past and future material.

How does the 1on1 private coaching work?

Once you make the payment we will schedule a time to get on a 1 hour Skype call, during the call you will get direct advice and ideas on how to improve your business. We will go through your site/beats and you will get specific recommendations along with actionable steps. I will also give you any strategic advice or insight I might have.

How long will it take to see real results?

You will start to see results within 1 month by implementing my various strategies. You can expect to see increases in your traffic, social media numbers, and beat sales. This is not a done for you solution, you need to implement the strategies yourself and if you are willing to put in the work, my system will help you create a real business.

Why are you having this special lifetime membership promotion?

I just recently hit my 10 year anniversary of selling beats online and wanted to offer a special discount for producers who do not have a ton of money to spend on typcial thousand dollar coaching programs. This is my way of giving back and helping to support music producers who are looking to grow and make more money online.

When does this special promotion expire?

This special offer will be available until Tuesday, June 7th at 11:59PM.

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